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Dr. Hagens has opened a new sister clinic Absolutely Eyes! (formerly Kindersley Optical) in Kindersley, SK

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Testimonials – What our patients are saying about us

Huge rave to Jackie and Absolutely Eyes. I was having a problem with my eye and I phoned to see if they could see me. I wasn’t a customer there before this. They fit me in right away. I got a call from Jackie after hours on Saturday to see how I was doing and she gave me her cell # in case I had any problems. She told me to phone anytime. Above and beyond customer service. Thank You!



- Leona Kon

Hats off to Absolutely Eyes for their helpfulness and great customer service in helping me pick out a pair of sunglasses from their great selection! If you haven’t checked this business out, it is located on the 100 block of Main St. in Kindersley

- Jean Neudorf

“No more fussing with contact lenses in cramped boat quarters, or on sandy beaches, definitely no more losing a lens while swimming! I put on my prescription goggles and just headed out snorkeling. My vision underwater both near and far was excellent. If you enjoy snorkeling and need glasses I would definitely recommend getting prescription goggles (like mine that I purchased at Oyen Optometry) – just love mine!”


- Heather Jaques

In the early eighties, I became afflicted with an eye condition that caused extreme redness, aching, blurry vision and was very sensitive to light. I stayed in the house for about three days, but decided to see our M.D. for some relief. He diagnosed it as an infection and prescribed several different drops. He said to come back for a checkup in a week. Three days later, the discomfort became worse so back to the M.D. He thought my eye seemed to be improving and advised me to come back in a week. After three more days of stress and having to stay in a dark room at home or wear an eye patch due to the sensitivity to any light, I made another appointment and made the request to see and eye specialist.. He sent me to Medicine Hat and the specialist immediately diagnosed the problem as iritis (inflammation of the iris) and prescribed tow different eye drops, which started to clear up the symptoms almost instantly. This again occurred in the other eye about tow years later and upon being sure that I could self diagnose from the previous experience, our M.D. sent me directly to the specialist once again in Medicine Hat.

Since Oyen Optometry started their practice in 1992, I have had the same chronic case of iritis many times, but always a short trip to Oyen Optometry for prompt confirmation and treatment to solve the problem.

This year upon the recommendation of Dr. J.A. Hagens, in Oyen that it was time to have cataract surgery in both eyes, I was sent to an ophthalmologist in Calgary who she felt was best suited to cataract surgery on patients with chronic iritis. The results were fantastic and required on two trips to Calgary for the surgery. Oyen Optometry took care of all the pre and post-operative treatment, which saved many a mile to the city.

It is a great asset to have this high quality clinic in Oyen and the huge surrounding area. Thank you!


- John M Hagens

“A little over a year ago, I felt I was having problems with my relatively new eyeglasses. When I went to see Dr. Hagens about my concerns, one of the first questions she asked was whether I had any family history of diabetes (which in fact I did). Based on her findings, she advised me that I was likely to be diabetic as well and referred me to my family physician who confirmed her suspicion. I am now on medications to regulate my blood sugars and my vision has returned back to normal. I never realized an eye exam could uncover an undiagnosed health problem but now I know that it can!”

- Kathy Miller

“One weekend, I noticed a shadow blocking the vision of one of my eyes. On Monday morning, I called the Oyen Optometry Clinic whose staff got me in to see Dr. Hagens right away. By using a new technology called an Optos Retinal Scanning laser, Dr. Hagens was able to detect (and show me) a large retinal detachment that required immediate repair. I was sent to Calgary and had surgery to repair my retina within 24 hours preventing serious and permanent vision loss.”

- Gail Monagle

“The vision in my one eye was deteriorating gradually over a few years however it hadn’t given me any problems. In fact I didn’t even notice the blurring until my other eye was covered during routine eye exams. Dr. Hagens advised me that I had a cataract which was going to start jeopardizing my Class 1 driver’s license. I was a bit sceptical as I was only 47 years old but Dr. Hagens recommended I see a surgeon who agreed with the diagnosis and removed the cataract for me. I now see 20/20 with that eye and the surgery was much easier than I expected.”

- Daryl Peers

“I had started noticing flashing lights and spots in my vision which weren’t going away after a few days. I called Dr. Hagens on her emergency phone line who agreed to see me as soon as possible. She looked at my eye and suspected an early retinal detachment. She referred my to an ophthalmologist who agreed with the diagnosis and sent me to a surgeon in Calgary who repaired the detachment. (This all occurred while I was campaigning for our town’s mayor-ship). All went well – my vision was saved and I was elected Mayor for Oyen!”

- Wayne Wilson

“My son Walker was bathing one night when I heard a blood curdling scream. We suspected that he had just squirted liquid soap into his eye however the pain never ceased. I took him over to see Dr. Hagens at her home where she rinsed and medicated Walker’s eye. It turned out that his entire cornea had a severe chemical burn which took several weeks to fully recover from. Having the Oyen Optometry Clinic nearby spared us many trips to the city and prevented long term vision loss for Walker.”

- Dawn Peers

“I am a sales representative for the Panoramic 200 retinal scanning instrument that Dr. Hagens has recently incorporated into her practice. This technology puts Dr. Hagens’ standard of eye care for her patients at the leading edge of optometry. After visiting her office I can see that this is what her patients have come to expect and appreciate. Dr. Hagens is truly committed to providing her patients with the highest level of technological excellence. I hope the people of Oyen and surrounding communities realize how lucky they are to have a practice like the Oyen Optometry Clinic in their own home town!”

- Sarah Brodie-Brown

“I woke up one morning with a very bloodshot eye. I made an appointment to see my eye doctor, Dr. Hagens. She took my blood pressure first thing and advised me to see my doctor immediately. My blood pressure was sky high. I saw my physician who told me I was near to having a stroke and prescribed blood pressure medication. I have been fine since. The optometrist can make a diagnosis about your health by checking your eyes. A visit to your optometrist should not be overlooked”.

- Vernon Johnston

My mom has always made us have our eyes checked every year. A few years ago Dr. Hagens noticed my right eye was weakening. She put special drops in my eyes to allow them to “relax” and noticed that my right eye had to work much harder than my left, making my right eye to become “lazy”. She gave me eyeglasses and told me to patch my good eye for a short time every day. My vision quickly returned to normal and I now see perfect in both eyes again, but I still wear my glasses because my eyes feel so much better now that they both work together better.

- Ethan Loran

I first noticed dizziness and blurring in my left eye in the summer of ’09. Thorough testing by Dr. Hagens revealed swelling of my optic nerve heads in my eyes (known as papilloedema), which apparently indicates an elevated pressure in my head. She set up the direction for testing, which luckily did not reveal any tumours but did show increased intracranial hypertension which required medications and lifestyle changes to control. My symptoms have significantly improved as has the swelling at the back of my eye.

- Karen O’Connor

Having metal fragments inadvertently fly into my eyes seems to be a hazard of my job as a welder. Despite wearing safety glasses, an occasional misguided piece will enter my eye and embed on my cornea. Luckily, I have been able to enlist Dr. Hagens’ help, both at her clinic and even at her home, to remove these pieces before they rusted too much on my eye. This has allowed a quicker return of comfort for me, and less scarring of my eye!

- Scott Matwie

I was experiencing sudden flashes and floaters in my right eye first, then my left. I was considering waiting a few days to see if they would go away but when I called for advice, Dr. Hagens’ staff encouraged me to come in right away. Dr. Hagens recognized that the jelly from inside of my eyes had detached (which is apparently called a vitreal detachment and in itself is not serious), however in doing so had pulled hard enough to break some vessels and produce some small tears in my retina. She referred me immediately to a specialist who repaired the tears, preventing any visual loss at all.

- Milton Symes

I have been very near sighted the vast majority of my life. In 2004, I enquired about refractive surgery options. Dr. Hagens did a thorough evaluation of my potential for surgery options and risks, and advised me that my corneas were too thin for LASIK, and my prescription was too high for PRK. However, recommended a procedure where artificial contact lenses are inserting directly into the eye rather than on the surface like traditional contact lenses (“ICLs”). I have since had this procedure done and am enjoying the freedom that I have gained without having to wear heavy, thick eyeglasses or bother with contact lens maintenance. I am thrilled to wear protective eyewear only now in the form of quality sunglasses!

- Kari Fenrich

I saw Dr. Hagens for a routine eye examination coincidentally 1 week following being treated by my family physician for a suspected bacterial infection. I mentioned the persistent irritation of my eye to Dr. Hagens who immediately diagnosed a viral ‘dendrite’ on my cornea. Viruses apparently need a different treatment than bacteria, so a new medication was prescribed, leading to complete recovery. I didn’t know that optometrists deal with eye health problems as well as glasses but I guess going to an eye doctor when you have an eye problem just makes sense!

- Ivan Schlat

As Christmas was approaching, I had the misfortune of having a piece of moldy cattle feed pellet fly into my eye. I saw Dr. Hagens who immediately cautioned me on the potential of fungal infection, which apparently can be quite damaging to the eye. She put me on an antibiotic that has some protection against fungus, but wanted to have a specialist to provide an opinion. As fungal infections are very rare and the holiday season was upon us, several specialists declined to culture or consider antifungal treatment. After much persistence, Dr. Hagens was able to convince a corneal specialist that I indeed needed further investigation. It turned out that I did have a rare fungal growth on my cornea known as Aspergillus which required specialized medication. Although I was left with a permanent scar on my cornea, my vision has returned to 20/20 in that eye. I understand that most eyes that have this infection are lost completely or end up with severely reduced vision, so I am thankful for the perseverance of my eye doctor in making sure I was taken care of.

- Dean Volk

At 13 years old, I went to Dr.Hagens for my yearly eye exam having no concerns or symptoms. Dr. Hagens discovered that I had a partially torn retina in my left eye, which if left undetected could lead to loss of vision. Dr.Hagens scheduled an appointment for me the very next day with the retina specialist in Calgary. Her prompt action meant me having surgery within a few weeks to correct the tear. I can’t thank Dr.Hagens and her kind staff enough for their help in getting this matter resolved so quickly. I have so much confidence in Dr.Hagens and her team that 10 years later, I still drive 3 hours to have my eye’s taken care of at her office!

- Kristen Kulyk – Alix, AB

As an optometry intern, I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from many excellent optometrists, and I consider Dr. Hagens to be a leader in the field. Clinically, she provides an unsurpassed level of care, and is able to effectively treat or provide appropriate referral for any ocular or visual condition. Equally important, Dr. Hagens is focused on treating the person, rather than just the eyes, which can be a pitfall in our profession. She involves the patient in all decision-making, ensures they are well informed about any procedures performed, and educates patients fully about any conditions they may have. The value of this for the patient cannot be underestimated, and it greatly improves their in-office experience. Dr. Hagens is a practitioner in whom I confidently place the care of my own eyes and life-long gift of vision, and I look forward to continuing to learn from her!

- Sheila Pratt

While coming home from Edmonton one evening this spring, I discovered a black curtain over part of my left eye. My wife Marilyn phoned Dr. Hagens to arrange an emergency appointment that same night. I was surprised to learn that I had a detached retina and required urgent surgery. Dr. Hagens was able to get me into an Edmonton surgeon the very next morning. The surgery was performed and was successful. I like to learn a lesson from every life experience. What I learned from this was the importance of regular eye examinations. I left my annual examination for well over a year. Had I gone for an eye exam when I was suppose to I may have saved myself a pile of trouble. This isn’t a very pleasant experience, which possibly could have been avoided. In spite of a painful surgery and long recovery of 12 weeks, I will forever be grateful to Dr. Hagens for getting me an appointment for surgery so quickly. I now have good eyesight in my left eye, life is back to normal, and I won’t miss another exam!

- Doug Lehman

While on holidays in the U.S., I noticed blurry vision in one eye when reading. Thinking it was due to tired eyes, I let it go for a while. But instead of clearing up, it gradually became worse. Upon returning home I went to see Dr. Hagens. After examining my eye she found I had blood vessels leaking at the back of my eye and needed to see a specialist ASAP. She was able to book an appointment the very next day with an ophthalmologist in the city. He confirmed her diagnosis and started me on monthly injections. Over the next few months my vision gradually cleared and is now back to normal. During this time, Dr. Hagens phoned me several times, even after hours, to see how I was doing. I am very pleased with the care and concern of Dr. Hagens, and the immediate action she took on my behalf. We are so fortunate to have an optometrist of this caliber in our town. I would recommend her without reservation.

- Karen Neilson

During my regular eye examination last year, Dr. Hagens notice a small broken blood vessel inside of my one eye. She also found my blood pressure to be a bit high. At her recommendation, I saw my physician who diagnosed borderline high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes, but no medications were required for either at that time. At my next eye exam, Dr. Hagens was still not satisfied with what she was seeing, or my blood pressure, and urged me to be checked again by my physician. This time, I was requested to wear a 24-hour blood pressure monitor, which showed my blood pressure was way off, reaching “critical” levels 80% of the day. Being a first responder for many years, I know the damage that this kind of pressure can cause, and I was agreeable to blood pressure medications to control this. I am happy to report that my blood pressure is now under much better control and my diabetic situation will continue to be monitored…all based on eye exam findings!

- Cindy Chilliak

I had been noticing a strange ache on the right side of my face involving my right eye, but also my right cheek and forehead. I thought it may be due to dental issues, but since I worked at Oyen Optometry, I asked Dr. Hagens for her opinion. She looked at my eye and noticed a small blister on my upper eyelid, and immediately diagnosed facial shingles. I was put on anti-viral mediations right away which cleared the problem before it became anything significant. I have seen cases of facial shingles, which have not been treated right away, and am very happy that mine was so pleasant in comparison due to the quick diagnosis and initiation of treatment. I am happy Dr. Hagens knew how to recognize shingles and can now treat it too with the expanded scope of practice that optometrists have been given.

- Sally Pederson

I have been coming to Oyen from Calgary for several years to have my eyes checked by Dr. Hagens, as I have family in this area. Early this past year, Jackie (Dr. Hagens) noticed a change on my eye that needed to be watched. The travel distance made it difficult to return for follow-up, however in the summer of this same year I noticed a black area I n vision that wasn’t going away. A phone call to Jackie with a description of my problem led to quick diagnosis of retinal detachment and an immediate referral to a retinal surgeon who was able to repair the problem and save my vision. Jackie seems to keep herself available for her patients even after hours, and in my case, this made a world of difference to my visual outcome!

- Elaine Skene

I have been receiving eye care at Oyen Optometry for many years. Dr. Hagens has always told me that my retinas are at risk for detachment, and in 2014 this became a reality when my right retina detached. Dr. Hagens immediately referred me for surgical repair, which was done successfully. I continue to enjoy 20/20 vision in both eyes thanks to the quick reactions and proper referral for treatment. I also know that Dr. Hagens will always be there for me in the event of emergencies as she has made it clear that I am welcome to call her any time of day or night if any concerns arise.

- Linda Wilson

My daughter Hannah was having problems with blurred vision, headaches and eyestrain while reading. Eyeglasses were found to be unnecessary, however we were told her eye muscles were not coordinating well. Dr. Pratt of Oyen Optometry compiled a series of exercises for Hannah, and after of few months of doing the exercises, Dr. Pratt reported extremely good progress in all the measurements. Hannah is also no longer complaining of any discomfort reading!

- Jaime Wagstaff

As a busy working mom of 2 children, I always made the time to have my children’s eyes examined but I tended to neglect my own eye care. I went for a spell of 8 years without seeing my optometrist, but in 2014 I decided it was time for an exam although I was not having any significant problems. During this exam, Dr. Hagens noticed something in my left eye, which she seemed very concerned with. After many extra tests, she told me I had a high-risk suspicious lesion and referred me to an ophthalmologist who in turn referred me to an oncologist to treat an early malignant tumor. After surgery and injections, I am happy to report that the treatment was very successful and I have my vision, my eye and my life intact all thanks to a routine eye exam.

- Carla Hogan