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Dr. Hagens has opened a new sister clinic Absolutely Eyes! (formerly Kindersley Optical) in Kindersley, SK

Home » Our Exams » Ask Doctor Hagens » Lately I’ve noticed small spots in front of my eyes. What are these? Should I be worried?

Seeing small spots or "floaters" is a common occurrence for people of all ages. Floaters follow your eye movements and travel back and forth across your vision. They're caused by a change in consistency between your lens and your retina and they can take on various forms: from small dots or threads to the appearance of spiders! There's no treatment available and if anything they're more of an annoyance. Don't worry as they don't usually signify eye disease.
If, however, the spots appear with flashes of light, or if you have any other eye condition, like glaucoma, they could be the warning sign of something more serious. I recommend you come in for a consultation, and let me know about any vision or eye health matters that seem out of the ordinary.