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We are proud to continue to be on the cutting edge of optometry, providing you with the most advanced eye care available.


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We are one of the select few offices to offer OCT (ocular coherence tomography) testing, which is like an ultrasound for the eye. The procedure is quick, painless and invaluable in the early diagnosis, and follow-up care, of certain eye diseases including macular degeneration and glaucoma. In fact, there is no other non-invasive technology that can detect "wet" macular changes as quickly as the OCT, allowing significantly improved visual outcomes.


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We are also pleased to offer Optomap retinal evaluations. This advanced technology allows an amazing view of the retina WITHOUT the need for dilating drops. Of course dilation is still essential in some circumstances; however the Optomap will certainly reduce the need for them while providing an even better standard of care for our patients. With the optomap, we can detect very small changes in the structures at the back of the eye allowing prompt diagnosis of retinal, optic nerve and other issues!

Visual Field with
Progression Analysis

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Yes, for those who have done this test, we understand that visual field is a tedious procedure, however it is part of the “gold standard” for glaucoma diagnosis and management.  Fortunately for our patients, our visual analyzer was upgraded in 2012 to allow faster testing and better patient tolerance, AND, in addition to this, also has progress analysis software for the most accurate measurement of glaucoma stability.  These features vastly aid our ability to fine tune medical management to prevent any ongoing loss of vision, secondary to this otherwise potentially blinding disease.





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